ASCEND Youngstown - Big Free Yoga!

by ASCEND Youngstown - 1 year ago

b3817ad5-f5d4-3203-85e7-535a252bd83e.jpegd8783ca7-ecd5-3bbc-bffb-780b382a95a5.jpegEach month, ASCEND hosts a large-scale, community yoga class in the main climbing area called Big Free Yoga (BFY). The energy is truly inspiring and there's no better way to start your weekend! BFY is also a great way to give ASCEND's yoga teachers the spotlight and provide you with unique experiences. Basically, BFY is awesome and you should come. Here's what you need to know:

WHAT: A BIG FREE YOGA class! Bring a mat and a friend! Each BFY event will have a featured teacher and a unique theme. To save time, please be sure you sign your waiver online before you arrive (you only have to do this your first visit):

WHERE: ASCEND’s Bouldering Area

WHEN: 8:00a - 8:45a | Doors open at 7:45a

BONUS: Stay and climb for only $10, and rental shoes and chalk are on the house if it's your first visit!

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