Master Park's 50years World Top Quality Training!

by Master Park Martial Arts International - 2 months ago

Celebrating 50years Master Park's Authentic World Top Quality Oriental Martial Arts Instruction!

Teaching Discipline, Respect, Confidence Building, Education, Empowering life, Health and Wellness, Strength, Self-Defense, Bully-Proof,  Sports Team/Individual, Value and Quality.

Hapkiyudo, Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Hapkido, Aikido, Hwarangdo, Dahn, Taichi, Krav Maga,  

All Private Lessons taught by Master Park: In-Person/Virtual Live/I-MasterPark Lessons.

You must know the fact of Martial Arts:
Martial arts doesn't have any standard training system, qualification, education requirement, background check, or license system in the state of Ohio or the U.S. - Anyone can buy sell any rank of  black belt, master, grand master, Hall of Fame(Shame), opening business, and claim instructor, or master without training. They are in your neighborhood and your local schools, and scamming, molesting children, addicted alcoholics are intoxicated injuring the children, Labor trafficking of young children without permission of parents or Children, producing illegal drugs and using, without license illegally running childcare/daycare, children are teaching playing program as an instruction, selling color belt without any training, blackbelt without any proper training to make money. (Because they, so-called instructors, do not know anything and parents/ students/public do not know anything more than 99.99%). Corrupted local schools are selling your school children to those criminals for money. There are many seminars, like real estate seminars, how to make more than Million of Dollars a year teaching martial arts. 4-5years old children become a black belt within 6 months of training(Babysitting, Childcare, Daycare). They are claiming you can have daycare + childcare + martial arts at the same time at one price and save money and teach discipline and martial arts- "It is a JOKE".  Making more money for childcare/daycare without license. Young children are teaching them as an instructor.  Corrupted local Schools are selling their young students to their after school programs. Local schools are idolizing them corrupted with money which their school families paid and schools system worked to collect the money. These criminals are intimidating and harrassing  school children families, officials and citizens. 

Please join Master Park to fight against corruptions!

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