USB our Guest- New Episode- Twitch gets HACKED!

by USB our Guest - 1 month ago

New episode! Episode 36-Twitch gets HACKED! or Source Code! Get your Source Code here!

USB our Guest is the cyber security podcast you have been looking for. Offering quick tips and attack overviews in under 5 minutes in length and intended to help people better protect themselves from Cyber criminals. From 2FA to Zero-Days and everything in between. If you need a resource to help demystify cyber security and how it affects you see the link to the show page to find the platform you listen on. Spotify, Apple, Google, and others.

Episodes include
Password Best Practices, Creating Passwords, Password Managers
Flash Drives
2FA - 2 Factor Authorization
VirusTotal Website
Hacking Humans and CyberWire Podcasts
Credit Card Scam RoboCalls, Social Security Administration Scam RoboCalls, Utility Company Scam Calls
Public Wi-Fi use warnings
VPN - Virtual Private network
Phishing, SpearPhishing, SMiShing, Whaling
Software updates
Coronavirus Scams
Zero Days

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