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New Exhibit at Oh Wow! Science Center Gives Lesson in Physics

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – A new exhibit that teaches the basics of physics will open Feb. 8 at the Oh Wow! Children’s Center for Science and Technology and run through late May.

The exhibit, titled Velocity, invites children and adults to roll golf balls on tracks, loops and hills to experiment with momentum, friction, gravity, acceleration, speed and distance. Its primary goal is to get children to explore the science of motion.

“Velocity features five distinct activity areas that will remind you of skate parks, half-pipes and mountain climbs as they demonstrate trajectory, velocity and momentum of moving objects,” says Colleen Ruby, director of operations at the downtown interactive children’s museum.

Throughout the exhibit, children and adults can experiment by designing their own freestyle ramps, checking out three unique launching machines and using data visualization software to compare results of multiple test runs.

“We are lucky enough to have this exhibit for the coming field trip season,” Ruby said. “It will be a great addition to our permanent exhibits to prepare students [who will soon take] state testing.”

Groups interested in visiting the museum while the Velocity exhibit is in house should contact Oh Wow! At 330 744 5914.

The museum is located at 11 W. Federal St. Go to ohwowkids.org for pricing and hours.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available, says Ruby. For information, contact Mandy Shina at directorofdev@ohwowkids.org.

PHOTO: Part of the Velocity exhibit at Oh Wow! Children’s Center teaches students and adults the science of motion. The temporary exhibit will remain at the museum until late May.

Story posted Feb. 7, 2020.

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