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The Update | Patrons Share Memories Made at Stambaugh; AC Jones Releases Christmas Album

YOUNGSTOWN – On Giving Tuesday, Dec. 1, Stambaugh Auditorium intends to inspire generosity by highlighting Stambaugh Stories, a collection of vignettes shared by people about the impact the venue has had on them.

The series can be found on Stambaugh Auditorium’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages.

Stambaugh Auditorium has served the educational, cultural and social needs of the community for nearly 100 years, providing memories for thousands of people who have experienced events there.

“It is these memories that are the basis for the Stambaugh Stories series,” said JoAnn Stock, chief development officer. “The support of our donors which helps to preserve and sustain the legacy of Henry Stambaugh is important now more than ever due to the economic downturn created by the COVID-19 pandemic.” To support Stambaugh Auditorium on Giving Tuesday, go to stambaughauditorium.com/givingtuesday or call 330 747 5175.

AC Jones Releases Christmas Album

CANFIELD – AC Jones, the Canfield-based country singer and songwriter, has released “Different Kind of Christmas, a 10-song album of traditional and original Christmas songs.

It is available on all major online music platforms.

Dictionary.com Picks ‘Pandemic’ as Its Word of the Year

NEW YORK (AP) — On Dec. 31, China reported a cluster of pneumonia cases of unknown origin to the World Health Organization. By Jan. 31, WHO declared an outbreak of a novel coronavirus a global health emergency. Come March 11, the world was facing down the COVID-19 pandemic.

Parents sat children down to explain what a pandemic is. Related terms usually restricted to medicine and science stormed into everyday conversation. Over time, we were pandemic baking and pandemic dating and rescuing pandemic puppies from shelters.

All of which led Dictionary.com on Monday to declare “pandemic” its 2020 word of the year.

Searches on the site for the word spiked more than 13,500% on March 11, senior research editor John Kelly told The Associated Press in an interview ahead of the announcement.

“That’s massive, but even more telling is how high it has sustained significant search volumes throughout the entire year. Month over month, it was over 1,000% higher than usual. For about half the year, it was in the top 10% of all our lookups.”

Another dictionary, Merriam-Webster, also selected pandemic as its word of the year earlier Monday.

Kelly said pandemic beat out routine lookups usually intended to sort more mundane matters, such as the differences between “to, two and too.”

“That’s significant,” Kelly emphasized. “It seems maybe a little bit obvious, and that’s fair to say, but think about life before the pandemic. Things like pandemic fashion would have made no sense. The pandemic as an event created a new language for a new normal.”

Lexicographers often factor out routine lookups when evaluating word trends.

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